2019 Steak Night
Friday, June 21, 2019

The Field will play Flight Medal Golf and there will be 5 flights for Steak Night. There will be Champion, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th flights seeking Gross Total Score Winners. E flight winner will be Net Total Score, based on their daily course handicap.

  • Flights will be determined by the event directors and by course handicaps and size of players/flights. There may be a greater number or lesser number of players per flight dependent upon handicap dispersion, number of players, and any number of factors. Random scores/places will also be drawn as winners so that anyone can win.
  • All players’ scores count. All players must hole out for handicap purposes or take the lower of 1) what score reasonably would have happened – OR – 2) the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) score they would get on that hole if they don’t hole out. KEEP IN MIND an X may affect your chance to win some of the mystery prizes and certainly the flight.
  • All flights will tee off from the white tees.
  • Scratch & Handicap skins are available. You will play both skins games if you are in.


  • All players must exchange scorecards before teeing off.
  • Please hand in your scorecards to the scoring area as soon as you are done and have confirmed the ESC score. Each card must be signed by both the player and the scorer.
  • Each player must enter his score within 24 hours in the handicap system.


You Are Playing For:

  • 1st or 2nd place within your flight. $65 and $35 ea flight
  • One random drawing within each flight (1st and 2nd place winners are not in). $20 ea
  • One mystery event that will be announced at scoring table. $20
  • Eight flags – twice the normal amount. $25 ea
  • One LFL draw from entire field after all other prizes posted. $40
  • If you do not know a rule or are unsure, ask a playing partner or play a provisional second ball. Keep score with both balls played and ask at the scorer’s table before submitting and signing your card.

Rainout, Cancelled and Tie-Breaker Procedures; Playoff Procedures

  • Rainout procedures: If all players within a flight have completed 9 holes, but not all players within a flight have completed 18 holes, the scores will be based on 9 holes. If this occurs on Saturday (day 1) the 9-hole scores will count along with scores that weather allows for Sunday.
  • If any one player within a flight does not complete 9 holes due to weather, the day’s play is officially cancelled within that flight.
  • Cancelled Event procedures: If both days are cancelled prior to or during the event, all entry money will be applied as a credit. Please see OHGA Payout Procedures and Policies in the locker room for information.
  • Tiebreaker: Ties for first place within all flights will have a stroke play playoff immediately either starting on Hole 1 or 10 (to be determined by the pro shop). If public play does not allow for a playoff to occur within 30 minutes of the end of the flight’s play, the tie will be broken by going back on the scorecard based on handicap holes from most difficult to least difficult (Sunday score 1-18 handicap holes first; Saturday scores 1-18 handicap holes used if all 18 holes have a tie on Sunday) unless all players involved in the playoff agree to wait for course availability to have a playoff. The players involved still have the discretion to do a playoff after 30 minutes.
  • D flight tie breakers, including those for first place in a stroke play playoff, will be done on net score (hardest to easiest handicap holes) due to it being a net event. Same thing – Sunday hole scores, 1-18 handicap are used first, Saturday second.
  • Each flight will pay out 4 places based on numbers within each flight. For 2nd, 3rd and 4th place there will be a scorecard playoff based on the hardest to easiest handicap holes in order with Sunday hole scores used first, Saturday second if still a tie after all of Sunday’s holes are used.
  • The Championship flight and/or those involved from another flight that are in the running for club champion will not do a scorecard playoff unless weather does not allow for a stroke play playoff. The playoff will start on either hole #1 or #10 based on course availability and pro shop discretion.
  • All playoffs will go in the order of the holes of the course based on either starting from #1 or #10.
  • After each playoff hole, the lowest score(s) will move on to the next hole until a winner is determined.
  • If two players are involved in a playoff, the winner of the playoff takes first place, the other player is runner-up.
  • If more than two players are involved in a playoff, the winner takes first place, but other players will have their place determined by the hole on which they were eliminated, not the score. For instance, if two players are eliminated on the first hole and are now tied for 3rd place, the third place winner will then be determined by scorecard playoff from the original scorecards.